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Why post ads? As a social publisher, your influence has 'ad value'. Social-media networks are earning millions of dollars every day from ads seen by your followers. MashDrop helps you realize the value you're building in your online audiences. Why not join thousands like yourself who are monetizing their followers? It's time to earn your fair share and connect with paying sponsors in the explosive new area of social-influencer advertising.

Choose Your Payment

With Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads, you get paid every time someone clicks your shared post. With Pay-Per-Post (PPP), you set the price based on how many impressions your share will receive.

Select Native Ads

Select the best native content for your audience. The content you select should be relevant to your follower's interests. Your influence is most valuable when it's authentic.

Up To 48-Hours To Respond

Once you've been selected by a sponsor you'll be notified by email and have 48-hours to accept the opportunity. Once you do, it's simple, just share the ad on your social networks and you're on your way to paid earnings!

Micro and Local influencers

Micro and local influencers are in demand. If your online followers are based locally we can offer you local advertisements from local sponsors.

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