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Why social-influencer advertising? The answer is simple - to reach target audiences in a way that maximizes appeal while minimizing disruption of the viewers' social experience. MashDrop focuses exclusively on social-influencer channels, connecting sponsors with influencers who will share your native advertisements with their Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn audiences.

Whether you're a professional marketer, small-business owner or brand, MashDrop's DIY platform makes it simple, easy and affordable.

Set your budget

Choose a pricing plan: Pay-Per-Click, or, Pay-Per-Post. With PPC ads, advertisers set the price (min. $0.35/click). With Pay-Per-Post ads, influencers post rates based on standard CPM pricing.​ Premium services are also available.​

Select influencer

Select categories and review influencer profiles & audience demographics. Select influencer(s) that best match your campaign.

Upload native Ad Content

Provide your display-ad artwork, target URL, and instructions such as: add comments, post at peak times, pin tweets, etc.​​

Advertise globally and locally

With MashDrop, local advertisements on micro-influencer channels are now possible and you can easily aggregate influencers together to reach wide audiences.

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