Frequently Asked Questions

What is MashDrop?

MashDrop is a simple, easy-to-use, native-advertising platform for social influencers and advertisers. It gives influencers total control managing paying content on their social networks and content sponsors a broad selection of influencer channels, campaign-creation tools, pricing options and performance analytics to run influencer-marketing campaigns effortlessly.

What is 'Native Advertising'?

Native Advertising is a type of advertising in which marketers pay for placement of relevant content on social-media networks in a format seeking to minimize disruption of the user experience.

What makes MashDrop different from other influencer-marketing platforms?

MashDrop has designed an influencer-centric platform that allows advertisers to easily unbundle audiences from their social networks and reconstitute them for precision targeting. And we are focused on creating opportunities for influencers and micro influencers within local communities and regions.

How does MashDrop work?

Social influencers and micro influencers seeking to monetize their influence, opt-in to a directory making their social profiles and post fees available to advertisers. Advertisers, then select those influencers that best match their campaign's objectives. Those selected are notified and given 48-hours to respond and accept the opportunity, pricing and content. Upon their acceptance, the provided content is shared on their social network and the campaign is tracked for performance and payment.

What does it cost?

Advertisers can set their own pay-per-click (PPC) pricing ($0.35/click minimum) and bid for influencers, or, accept the influencer's pay-per-post (PPP) offer price.

Is it necessary to have a minimum number of followers on my social networks in order to sign up as an Influencer?

No. We impose no minimum number of followers to be an eligible influencer. Though we cannot guarantee that you will be selected, it's often the case that micro influencers have higher rates of engagement per-capita than most high-profile celebrities and can easily be aggregated together by advertisers into audiences with greater reach and higher resonance than is possible through a popular influencer alone.

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